Sunday, December 06, 2009

what's been going on

Well it's been awhile since I last posted but I’ve been riley bisey so sorry about that. Well I bring any who are following this up to date. me and my wife/mistress have come to an agreement, when I get home from work I have severely chores I can do if I do them I earn points. The points can get me play time, but points are hard to earn and play time cost a lot. The thing's I have to do are like clean the kitchen makes dinner do washing all these things earn me one point. If I work hard I can usually earn about 3 or 4 a night. But to get anything it's expansive. Like a tie up and being flogged cost 65 points.

What I’m hoping for is to start posting hear what I’m earning and what thing's cost. And letting you the readers decide what happens. But I need people to leave comments and let me know what they wanner see. On a side note my mistress has also agreed to start a free video site for me and other sissy. She will give free online domination to sissy who can recorded there tasks. If you can’t recorded what you’re ordered to do then no domination but you’re welcome to look. but the site will be free.

Before I get it up and running I need to know if there interested. So all you sissy and subbies out there let me know. Also when i get time I am uploading videos onto a new site called bdsmhub. It’s a great video site and I will be posting the links from hear as there up, this week I’m trying to up load as many videos as I can. So next week there should be plenty of links. But I keep saying it this is a fair bit of work and it takes time. I’m happy to do it if people are insured but I need to know

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wenday second week

Well it's wenday in my second week well not a lot happing during the week I got this blog started. And twice on my walk mistress made me where a diaper I didn’t have to go for my walk last night we were busy and we got back to late. I’m wherein a diaper as I Wright this I used to like wherein them, I guess I still do but it's different when your made. On my walk I wore 2 dispose bull diapers they made a lot of noise as I walked. i hope the 2 people i walked past didn’t know. Well maybe I do lol. We will have no kids this staday night so it could be fun. Well if anything instring happens i will post photos or video on a site called bdsm hub and the links for them hear so will just have to wate and see

frist week

Well it's been the first week, not a lot happened i pissed my mistress off once so I had to where a diaper one night. On Friday I had completed my task so I was not spanked I was tied to the bed for about 30 min then mistress took some photos of my tied, I will try and have them up soon. on sat day night we went on paltalk for about 60 min. I was on cam cleaning the bedroom in my maids outfit. It was a bit of fun but because it was the first time mistress got board quickly. Not shore just yet how to make it more instring for her. i was given my next task to complete as well as walking I have to make shore i brush my teeth every night. Doesn’t sound like much i know but I was borne lucky I have prefect teeth and never had to look after them. Also I’m lazy and mistress means to correct this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my opening post for fourms

If this post is in the wrong spot please let me know and i will repost
If this post is not appropriate for this four this forum i am sorry and will delete if I can and not repost
When addressing my mistress she is to be referred to as Mistress K
Mistress k need help for sub’s training and web site written by sub sissy katye

Ok hello all I need some help my wife/mistress has decided to give me the dominance that i have always long for. But it will be on her terms, (who da thunk it).....well i will give a brief run through of what she has proposed I will be given a mouthy task, this will be something I need to improve on like chewing with my mouth closed ( I do any way just an example lol). My first task will be to go for a walk every night starting at ten what will happen if i don’t complete this task. I will be given 3 cane strokes and 20 lines to write for each time i don’t complete the task...yes i know the task sounds easy but we are starting slow...punishments will be given on Friday when i get home from work, because on this day I finish eerily and get home before the kids. On Friday night i will be tied up on the bed to reflect on improving myself, for 1 hour. During this time my mistress will leave and answer comments on a forum and a web site/ blog.
Ok first bit of help I need is a forum where my mistress can have control of who leave comment so idiots and bots’ can be deleted and banned. And I need I free web site/blog where photos, and my progress can be posted, this will be in diary format. Will also need comment facility for this site as well....finding these thing that will serve our purposes is what we need. O and also video posting would be good any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
Some other things that will be happening also if during the week if I’m argumentative annoying or piss my wife off she will diaper me at night. If I’m diapered I will not be allowed to touch her, if I’m diapered 2 nights in a row then i will be sleeping on the couch. On Saturday night I will be dressed in clothing of my mistress choosing and given a task in the bedroom to complete. I will have to do this task to my wife satisfaction if I do not then i will have to start over again, wether this takes me 1 or 100 times.
At the end of the mouth if I’ve completed my task well I will be rewarded this will also be at my wife choosing. (She knows what I’m into so it will be something all those lines, with I will going into soon). What will be happing are thing’s i have been asking for some time I’m a sissy cd that heave into bondage and displen. We have played off and on for quite a number of years through our marriage. And domestic displen is something I have been asking for some time. It’s something I want and need. We are just beginning this so it will be a little rocky to start. I would like to make the site in dairy form love to write day of my progress but weekly is probable more realistic..Know this wife will be happy to chat and reply to comments during my reflection hour, but sub’s that ask to serve of join in will be injured. Will banned and deleted if possible
I’m very big on humiliation so if my wife punishments i would be happy to post photos or video of peoples request...conditions of videos and photos. Nothing will be emailed to any one so don’t ask. Nor me or will my mistress will show our faces. The most my mistress will show on photo or cam is maybe a hand swinging a whip or her feet standing on my face so don’t ask for anything else..Thing’s you will also not see no scat, piss, bestiality, blood, children and anything that may cause harm to us or anyone else.
Remember any request must be directed at my mistress and respect is a must, it will be up to her. Other then what i started I’m up for most thing’s. We also wish to keep this part of our lives very privet so it will be kept that way. I’m a dirty sissy baby slut that so craves public humiliation hence the site. Also any ideas where we could achieve any reel life public humiliation where it won’t breach our conditions and could be done safely would be appreciated. I will keep adding more as we go so ask questions. Trying to think of what else to write is hard because there could be so much and it could get boring for some so ask away I love talking about this stuff and will check the forums I post this in i will try daily but at least once a week and remember my mistress will leave remarks and she will answer reply as well think that’s enough for now looking forward to starting a site and talking to everyone thanks in advance for any help.
Here are some links to YouTube of videos i have all ready posted.